Hongkong Vacation Travel Video Guide

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Travel video about destination Hongkong in China.
Hong Kong is a city of the superlative with glimmering skyscrapers that seem to take root in the sky and one elegant building after another with shining glass and hi-tech facades.

Around 150 years ago, Hong Kong Island was under British Colonial rule and today, only a few buildings of this period remain. The white Flagstaff House, former residence of the colony’s British military commander, contains the Tea Museum that boasts an exceptional collection of exhibits associated with the famous leaf.

Since 1904, the city’s nostalgic narrow double-decker trams have traveled through the crowded streets and are the most convenient mode of transport for covering short distances.

Most of the sightseeing tours around the harbor embark from Central Station, close to the ferry terminal. The journey travels past Kowloon and several huge cruise ships that lie at anchor. The quantity of ships highlighting the importance of this huge natural harbor that has been a regular destination of European shipping and trade since the 16th century.

Although not as large as it used to be, the city of junks known as Aberdeen, has provided the backdrop for many a motion picture and it is still a good place to buy fresh fish, fruit and vegetables.

Within the Wong Tai Sin Temple, the city’s largest temple, each day thousands of the faithful seek good fortune in romance and betting with prayers and sacrifices. The temple’s god is known to have a sympathetic ear for one and all, thus the temple is a popular attraction.

Within this city of dreams and Asiatic flair there are eight million people, all packed into one of the most exiting cities in the world.

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