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SurveyOnTablet: get real-time feedback from guests and respond on the spot to problem situations.

The only all-in-one and ready-to-use solution that will put you in control of your reputation in a flash. Our innovative technology will enable you to get beyond raw data and identify problem areas in your business, keep track of performance, control the quality of your services from a distance, and motivate your staff to be proactive. Increase your customer satisfaction and gain a competitive advantage with SurveyOnTablet today!

– Get real-time feedback from clients
– React to complaints on the spot before customers leave
– Add a personal touch and show you care
– Quality and staff control even from a distance
– Identify inefficiencies & track performance


This is Peter – he manages a hotel.

Peter is a professional and knows that his clients’ opinions are important for his job and for the business of his investors. This is why he tries to meet the expectations of all his clients, even the most difficult.

However, Peter is unaware that only 10% of his dissatisfied clients would share their negative opinion with the staff – the remaining 90% would simply leave and never return.

Additionally, some of those dissatisfied clients’ would prefer to share their negative experiences with the tour operator, or over the internet on one of the popular online booking engines, forums or social media sites.

When an unhappy customer decides to make a complaint, for example, client John is furious because his room has not been properly cleaned and complains; often this information would only get as far as the reception. This has a negative impact on the hotel’s reputation and the business of the investors.

It is this delayed information and sometimes the lack of information about the client’s opinion, that prevents Peter from taking adequate and timely measures, before the client has left the hotel and before the negative comments of the client have spread.

However, the situation quickly changes when Peter introduces SurveyOnTablet, at his hotel.

His guests can easily share their problems and impressions, before they have checked out of his hotel, without having to confront the staff with just a few screen touches.

For their ease, they can do that at different locations around the hotel, at the reception, in the lobby, at the restaurant, in the lift, and even in their room, by using our tablet, or their own smartphone!
For example, in order to report a problem, client John can simply scan the QR code provided on a fold-up in the comfort of his room, this would automatically load a survey on his smartphone.

Regardless of where the complaint comes from, the reception, or the client’s smartphone; the system is able to send an alert email or SMS, as soon as there is a negative reply to a given survey question. This way, Peter, or a member of his staff, would be instantly notified whenever a problem situation arises and can therefore, take action.

By granting his clients the convenient opportunity to share their problems and opinions while they are still at his hotel, Peter has the right tool to make his clients happy.

Now he can instantly identify and eliminate problems such as, bad hygiene in some of the rooms, unprofessional staff service, disappointing quality of food in the hotel restaurant, irritating noise, unsuitable room temperature, and so on. Now, Peter has at his disposal, well-structured data and real-time information, about the quality of his services.

What is more, once a client has already made a complaint, the chance of complaining again to the tour operator, or via the internet, is considerably reduced. This way, with SurveyOnTablet, the rating of Peter’s hotel, as well as his own rating with his investors, rises quickly.

So, in short, SurveyOnTablet will quickly improve the reputation of your hotel! You can also become a hero to your clients and the owners of the business. Get in touch with us today and our local representative will install the product for you. Stay ahead of competition and take advantage of our services, at a very affordable price. Remember, you can try our product completely free!

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