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Today We will discuss most beautiful places in the world.
The Most Beautiful Places in The World.
Palawan Island, Philippines
Palawan Islands, Philippines.
It’s no wonder Palawan Island is all over Instagram; this island in the Philippines boasts some of the most beautiful white-sand beaches in the world.

Charleston, South Carolina
Charleston, South Carolina. Sean Pavone
Thanks to its rich history, impeccably landscaped gardens, and stunning waterfront views, Charleston was just voted the best city in the world by Travel + Leisure.

St. Petersburg, Russia
St. Petersburg was voted the best destination in Europe by the World Travel Awards for the second year in a row. The city’s ornate palaces and churches, and rich history makes it an ideal destination for travelers, and the mild summer months are the best time to go.
Medellín, Colombia
The Netflix fave “Narcos” may have factored into this, but Medellín, Colombia, was named the best destination in South America as part of this year’s World Travel Awards.
While it was considered a dangerous place until not all that long ago, an impressive public transportation system, beautiful architecture, and rich culture and history has turned the city into a hotspot for visitors.
Besides that, it’s also the 60th anniversary of the city’s breathtaking Flower Festival.
Havana, Cuba
Ever since the improvement of relations between the US and Cuba, Americans have been flocking to Havana.
Vintage cars and architecture make this an incredibly photogenic spot, though you’ll probably want to look into a tour guide to ensure you skip the tourist traps.
“Game of Thrones” thrust this Mediterranean island nation into the limelight. Visitors can expect tons of history, and three World Heritage sites, including its capital, Valletta, as well as seven temples that are believed to be some of the oldest free-standing structures in the world.
Malta is also famous for its beautiful beaches, and harbors filled with boats and boat side parties.
Angkor Wat, a 700-year old temple complex spread over 154 square miles deep in the lush jungles of northern Cambodia, was named the best attraction on the planet by Lonely Planet last year.
If that isn’t enough, this year saw the discovery of even more, even older cities surrounding it.
Iran has become less dangerous over the past few years, which has helped attract more and more tourists.
This trend is expected to continue well into 2017, thanks to new direct flights to Tehran from both London and Paris, and the construction of multiple new hotels.
Seoul, South Korea
Seoul is in the final stages of completing its new Skygarden, a highway turned pedestrian walkway and public space filled with an arboretum of local plants, greenhouses, cafés, markets, libraries, and flower shops.
Avid travelers won’t want to miss this brand-new attraction.

Bordeaux, France
A new high speed train introduced this year allows for a quick, two-hour trip between Paris and Bordeaux. This, in addition to Bordeaux’s rich wine and culinary scene, make this French city a must-visit in 2017.

Hokkaido, Japan
This year, for the first time ever, Japan’s bullet trains have extended to Hokkaido, making Japan’s northernmost island easier to get to than ever before. The island beckons with canoeing, hiking, fishing, and whale watching in the summer.

You’ve probably been seeing Iceland all over your Facebook feed, as it has been a hot destination for Americans for the past year.
This trend shows no signs of abating, as Iceland is safe, only a fairly short and inexpensive flight away, and offers stunning scenery from the Blue Lagoon to the Gullfoss waterfall.ghts.

If pink sand beaches aren’t enough to lure you to Bermuda, come for the America’s Cup, the world’s oldest international sporting trophy, which Bermuda is hosting in 2017.

Osaka, Japan
According to the 2016 MasterCard Global Destinations Cities Index, Osaka was the fastest-growing city in the world in terms of number of visitors. The Japanese city is an interesting contrast between old and new, with its striking skyline and historic castle that dates back to the 16th century.
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