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1 Tired Travel Photographer in Olinda, Brazil


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I was beyond exhausted when I got to Olinda, Brazil. I mean, it seems silly to say, but many people see my work as a giant life of games and play. And, yes, my work as a travel photographer is awesome, it can be really hard to be constantly on the move. It’s really important to take time off, small days away from it all, or even really vacations, and that’s something I really haven’t done in years.
So, understandably, i guess, when I got to Olinda, I was ready for a nap. Thus, on this episode, I mix a bit of a behind the lens chat with you guys about life as a travel photographer with an on location episode from the incredibly colourful Olinda, Brazil.
I’ve got more travel and photography from Brazil coming in the next couple episodes, so stay tuned and subscribed!

Date: October 7, 2015