13 Most Luxurious Hotels

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Travel to the best hotels around the world and stay in their amazing suites in beautiful places like the Bahamas and in incredible Dubai!

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7. Traders Hotel, Kuala Lumpur
Guest staying here can enjoy the magnificent views of Kuala Lumpur’s skyscraping Petronas Towers from public areas and upclass rooms at the Trader’s Hotel. This 4 star hotel is in the middle of the city and is a popular resting place for travellers doing business in this growing city. 2 chic restaurants and a rooftop infinity pool are among some of the unique things to enjoy here. The breathtaking views and the fantastic service is what the guests seem to rave about the most.

6. The W, Taipei
You’ll probably never want to leave your room if you stay at the W in Taipei. Most standard rooms rooms will feature panoramic city and mountain views. The wow suite features 1249 square feet, an infinity bathtub, an open bar, artwork inspired by Chinese zodiac symbols, a full city view of the Taiwan’s capital and much more. The hotel is celebrated for its cosmopolitan location, modernized rooms and quality service. Located in the upscale, popular neighborhood in Xinyi, travellers have easy access to the best part of town. The deluxe pool overlooking the skyline of Taipei doesn’t look to bad either.

5. Dubai Water Discus Hotel
We’ll get to more incredible hotels in Dubai later, but let’s take a quick look with what their planning here first. It shouldn’t come as a huge surprise that they’re plotting the construction of the world’s biggest underwater. In 2012, they unveiled this futuristic design of this incredible, UFO looking, luxury hotel with huge suites on the seafloor. Imagine waking up in the morning with the sight of beautiful coral reefs and tropical fish right next to you. Will this futuristic design be Dubai’s next successful mega hotel

4. Hotel Barriere Le Fouquet’s
The most expensive hotel that you’re going to find in one of the most expensive cities in Europe is the Hotel Barriere Le Fouquet. Located in the heart of Paris in the middle of Champs-Elysees, there is no other hotel in Paris better located for shopping and enjoying. Deciding to have a wedding here might be a tad expensive but you couldn’t find a better reception hall and view from the outside balcony. If that didn’t seem nice enough, the French cuisine at this luxurious hotel is prepared by some of the best chefs in France. For the prime location, the rooms are going to cost you at least 1000 bucks a night.

3. Shangri-La Istanbul
Perfectly located in Istanbul financial and entertainment district, this hotels boasts remarkable views of this extremely historic city that was considered the gateway to Asia. It has a total of 186 rooms and has a tasteful mix of oriental decorations and a taste of Turkish luxury, an ottoman prince would be happy with. One of the most expensive rooms in the world here known as the Shangri-la Suite takes up the entire top floor of the Shangri-la hotel and overlooks the beautiful Bosphorus Strait in Istanbul. The room has three private terraces that let you see basically the entire skyline.

2. The Venetian
This 5 star luxury hotel and Casino located in the heart of the Las Vegas strip rises 475 feet in the air. Hotel suites can cost up to 10,000 dollars a night but prices range often on holidays. It contains over 7,000 rooms. How would you like to visit Venice while staying in Sin City? The Grand Canal shoppes feature indoor gondolas and a canal, showing striking similarities to the real location in Venice. They’ve also designed their own versions of the Rialto Bridge, the Column of Saint Theodore, and St Mark’s Campanile. Guests can also take advantage of their luxorious pool, Tao nightclub & beachclub. This miraculous recreation of renaissance art welcomes guests who enter.

1. Burj Al Arab
This insane hotel in Dubai, is completely surrounded by water and was built on an artificial island near the Jumeirah Beach. The unique design you can see from the photo appears to resemble that of a sailboat. But it’s not just the outside that’s impressive. If you’re willing to spend 24,000 dollars a night, you can stay a night at the Royal Suite. The interior architecture exhibits The United Arab Emirates great wealth and their state of the art engineering capacity. The Al Mahara restaurant features an aquarium of exotic fish and the lobby is just mind boggling. It’s estimated that this hotel cost 1 billion dollars to construct!

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