2012 LaCrosse Boat, Sport, Travel, & RV Show

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February 9th — 12th, 2012 marks its 35th year of continual operation in the La Crosse Auditorium in downtown La Crosse, Wisconsin. We are continuing to draw consumers from Southwestern Wisconsin, Southern Minnesota and Northeastern Iowa and have continued to show growth from exhibitors and consumers {see map}. The opening of the much-anticipated South Hall that doubled the size of the La Crosse Center was a huge success again in 2011; it should only lead to an even better show in 2012. Additionally, a new exciting Australian exhibit that has never been seen in the area will be doing daily educational seminars on the Kangaroos, Wallaroos, Wallebies and Baby Joeys. They will also be bringing a kookaburra, rainbow lorakeet, and various lizards. The La Crosse Boat Sports Travel and RV Show is one of the largest in the state.

This year, join us for a fantastic stage show featuring BOB WOOTTON, The Man Behind the Man in Black. Wootton played lead guitar for Johnny Cash for 30 years from 1968-1998 and sounds just like Cash. Check it out for yourself and you will see that few people know Johnny Cash and his music as closely as Wootton does.

All of our sports shows use top name fishing seminars and stage shows with well known personalities, as well as flat wall displays, combining to promote a successful show for you, our most valued customer. Please note our sport shows run in succession and should you choose both shows, you will be exposed to a maximum number of qualified customers in a two week run.