2020 Honeymoon In Tanzania: Xanadu Villas & Retreat Hotel Zanzibar, Tanzania | #LPDestination

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#LPDestination is a series that shows and recommends locations for destination weddings and events such as honeymoon, romantic weekend getaway, bridal shower/bachelorette, wedding anniversary, etc. in Africa. ⠀

In this video, we feature the Xanadu Villas & Hotel Zanzibar, Tanzania. We recommend this beautiful destination location for a honeymoon. Please, check out the video. ⠀

Xanadu Villas & Hotel Zanzibar, Tanzania is also a great location for destination weddings, romantic weekend getaways, and other destination events.⠀

OFFICIAL WEBSITE OF XANADU VILLAS & HOTEL: https://xanadu-villas.com/⠀

DISCLAIMER: This recommendation is based on research. ⠀

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