“36 Nights” – Traveling Through Europe with a GoPro

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“36 Nights” is a montage/documentary that shows our travels through 11 cities in nine countries with them being Venice, Italy; Milan, Italy; Zermatt, Switzerland; Munich, Germany; Berlin, Germany; Copenhagen, Denmark; Stockholm, Sweden; Kraków, Poland (as well as a day trip to Auschwitz concentration camp); Budapest, Hungary; Vienna, Austria and Prague, Czech Republic. “36 Nights” was filmed entirely on the GoPro Hero2 and was filmed and edited by Michael West.

Links to individual chapter videos are found at the bottom, as well as key points in the full length film that you can click on to skip ahead to.

I came home with 4,321 video clips totaling 12 hours, 47 minutes and 36 seconds of raw, unedited footage (86.49 gigabytes worth). Including the travel days to and from Europe, it equaled out to me shooting an average of 20 minutes and 12 seconds of raw video per day.

In getting from city to city, we spent a total of 53 hours and 42 minutes aboard planes and trains traveling to our next destination.

Here is a city-by-city breakdown of where we went, for how long, and who was there.

– Venice, Italy (3 nights) – Amanda, Andrew, Michael, Mike, Thomas
– Milan, Italy (1 night) – Amanda, Andrew, Michael, Mike, Thomas
– Zermatt, Switzerland (4 nights) – Amanda, Andrew, Michael, Mike, Thomas
– Munich, Germany (4 nights) – Amanda, Andrew, Justin, Michael, Mike, Thomas
– Berlin, Germany (4 nights) – Amanda, Justin, Michael, Thomas
– Copenhagen, Denmark (4 nights) – Justin, Michael, Thomas
– Stockholm, Sweden (4 nights) – Justin, Michael, Thomas
– Kraków, Poland (2 nights) – Justin, Michael, Thomas
– Budapest, Hungary (4 nights) – Andrew, Justin, Michael, Thomas
– Vienna, Austria (4 nights) – Andrew, Justin, Michael, Thomas
– Prague, Czech Republic (2 nights) – Andrew, Justin, Michael, Thomas

A huge thanks to Andrew, Justin, Amanda, Mike and Thomas for putting up with a camera being in your faces every single second while you were with me on the trip. I appreciate your patience greatly and without you, these videos would not have been possible. Thank you for giving me the chance to document a trip of a lifetime, what a ride it was.

If you’d like to check out “36 Nights” in chapter form, you can click on my channel, or you can use any of the links below to take you directly to your chapter of choice:

Introduction/trailer – https://vimeo.com/48772095
Chapter 1 (Venice/Milan) – http://youtu.be/T2Wvp6X71yw
Chapter 2 (Zermatt) – http://youtu.be/BEjD4XT8DR4
Chapter 3 (Munich) – http://youtu.be/YbSIhLmtPz0
Chapter 4 (Berlin) – http://youtu.be/BjUfmkGNu2g
Chapter 5 (Copenhagen) – http://youtu.be/CX_Qv8MoDeI
Chapter 6 (Stockholm/Kraków/Auschwitz) – http://youtu.be/aKeQYawAiqc
Chapter 7 (Budapest) – http://youtu.be/S3vTPjdcNhw
Chapter 8 (Vienna/Prague) – http://youtu.be/GViEVm5UygM
Ending/Credits – http://youtu.be/AbYDd3wjs3A

Parts you may enjoy:
– Having fun 8,500 feet up in the Swiss Alps (10:34)
– Paragliding in Zermatt, Switzerland (11:29)
– Surfing the Eisbach in Munich, Germany (16:26)
– Karaoke… your ears have been warned (18:41 & 37:09)
– Holocaust Memorial (20:50)
– The Berlin Wall (22:32)
– The Little Mermaid in Copenhagen, Denmark (26:50)
– A fun night out on the town in Copenhagen, Denmark (27:02)
– The Vasa, a Swedish warship that sunk in 1628 (30:12)
– Auschwitz concentration camp (31:40)
– “Fake History With Dub” (33:03)
– A day at a Turkish bath in Budapest, Hungary (34:10)
– The coolest way to do a Jäger bomb (38:02)
– A rewind of the entire trip (41:33)

This video was created in the intent to be enjoyed by those who were on the trip and whoever else may take a liking to watching it. There is no commercial intent.

Music credits can be found at the 44:22 mark in the video.

Thank you for watching!