5 Weirdest Hotels in the World

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5 Weirdest Hotels in the World. Some people prefer the best hotels others prefer special, weird hotels with a twist. This top 5 is for those people that prefer staying in a weird place…

5. Karostas Cietums – Latvia

A former military prison, this brick building has seen the administration of powers such as the Soviets, Nazis and most recently the Latvians. Karostas contrasts with the perfect picture of a hotel giving its guests an opportunity to live the life of a prisoner, with the typical prison food and the filthy prison bunks along with the uncivilized prison officials who abuse without a reason…

4. The Capsule Inn – Japan

The Capsule Inn in Osaka is the first capsule hotel opened in 1979. If there is conservation of space, it is right here! Capsule Inn is built to provide basic overnight accommodation for its guests who mostly check in because of an urgency. They are systematically placed inside confined capsule-like spaces that are just big enough to contain a guest’s luggage, a bed and a TV.

3. Das Park Hotel – Austria

An exclusive place where you get your way of privacy in the lap of nature, this is the perfect place for people who like park-romance. What’s more, you don’t have to look for a tree to sit behind either. The hotel rooms are made in gigantic cement pipes but are nothing less than the lavish designer suites. They include bedding, TV and enough space for people and their luggage. Great idea for an environment-friendly living!

2. Propeller Island City Lodge – Germany

Lars Stroschen is the German artist behind this quizzically named Berlin hotel. Each room has a different ‘work-of-art’ interior signifying some of the strangest ideas one could come up with. These ideas include rooms having glass walls all around, rooms with coffin boxes as beds, forest-themed rooms with beds situated on logs and an upside-down room where the floor and everything that should sit on the floor like lamps, tables and chairs are above you and you seem to be sleeping on the ceiling…

1. Sandcastle Hotel – England

This particular idea of a hotel is one of its kind with the enitere hotel built of sand. And that includes the guest bedrooms, their beds, sofas, tables and lavatories too! The coolness of sand grains on your back will give you a pretty relaxed sleep. Since it is a hotel that comes without a roof, the guests can enjoy a quiet night beneath the starry sky and wake up on an a sand bed feeling like they passed out on the beach the night before…

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