Africa – Colours of the Dark continent Vacation Travel Video Guide

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Africa’s culture has been enriched by the proud and famous Massai, a noble tribe of herdsmen and the spacious plains of Kenya and Tanzania are their homeland. As the Massai did not tolerate foreign hunters, the area of Amboseli at the foot of Mount Kilimanjaro has in the main been spared from poachers. Much of the summit of the huge mountain is covered by cloud and at nearly six thousand metres above sea level it is Africa’s highest mountain. Tens of thousands of flamingos transform Lake Bogoria into a colourful spectacle and its many geysers give the landscape an air of mystique, the hot springs highlighting the enormous energy that lies beneath the earth’s surface. Located at the southern tip of Africa, South Africa is surrounded by two oceans, the Atlantic and the Indian. Both the country and its inhabitants are in many ways remarkable and the cultural variety of several ethnic communities has been well maintained. The Kalahari in Botswana is one of the most sparsely populated areas in the world yet it has been inhabited for thousands of years: its Bushmen are proud of their long history. The San are a tribe of hunter gatherers who continue to use their extraordinary knowledge of nature right up to the present day. Just off the Tanzanian coast is the legendary island of Zanzibar once feared because of pirates but at the same time appreciated for its marvellous spices and in the ancient town of Stone Town several buildings have been restored and now shine out once again in all of their historic glory. Africa, the Dark Continent – but with all the fascinating colours of the rainbow!

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