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Aigialos-Yades Greek Historic Hotels [ TripWow]


Aigialos Traditional Settlement – Yades Greek Historic Hotels
“A Touch of Nobility”
The Aigialos Collection consists of sixteen, renovated neoclassical houses that were originally the fine homes of the islandʼs noble captain families. The architecture and design of the houses bring to life the traditional way of life of the islandʼs nobility. Restored to perfection by master masons using local volcanic stone and coloured lime plaster, the houses are linked by cobbled walkways. Situated on the rim of the caldera, sheer cliffs that rise from the sea, the hotel overlooks the islandʼs famed volcano.

A lovely setting highlights the unique beauty of the Cycladic island characterised by stark white buildings adorned with a dash of bright colour set against a backdrop of brilliant blue sky and sea.

The Aigialos Collection, with each house named after the Aegean winds, is as enchanting as Santorini. Each house is tastefully furnished in the style of the island harmoniously blended with antiques and furnishings brought back from travels at the old world. Beautiful touches, marble floors and all amenities provide a relaxing atmosphere for pure enjoyment.

Pool and poolside bar, counter swim unit, gourmet restaurant — and bar to begin magical nights on the legendary island of Thira.

Date: October 7, 2015