Amazing Street Food, Rio de Janeiro (Brazil) – Travel Guide

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When it comes to street food, Rio de Janeiro has plenty to offer.

Here in Rio De Janiero it is impossible to escape the delicious sights and smells of the street foods available here. We are here at a tapioca store in Impanema. Tapioca is one of the more popular street foods you will come across here in Rio. They are kind of like a crepe with a multitude of fillings. There is meat, there is sweet and cheese and that is basically your tapioca pancake. Well though not Brazilian in origin, many vendors also sell churros. It is a sweet dessert not unlike a donut, fried, battered. But the secret is in the hollow middle they will fill with chocolate sauce or dulce de leche, which is caramel.

Popcorn is one of the most popular street foods in Rio. You can get either the sweet, dulce, or the salty, sargado, or possibly the best thing, a mistuda (Unclear), getting both mixed together. In the sargado, you might find a few nasty suprises in the form of bacon chunks, so just look out. Another snack you are likely to see everywhere is called corn on the cob. Keep an eye out for the shiny steel carts and get it served right in the husk of the corn slathered in butter.

On the beaches you are likely to find many people with homemade barbecues and the delicious (Unclear) which is grilled cheese. So there is a selection of the street foods available here in Rio De Janiero. For the most part delicious, safe and very cheap. But just two words of warning, if the guy selling you the imparted does not look quite right best avoid it. There are some terrible horror stories about what it can do to you. This has been Doug Gray showing you Rio De Janiero.