Amazonas Brazil Travel Video

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Amazonas Brazil Travel Video Constituted by an ample and deep assimilation of the Indian, European and Northeastern cultures, the Amazon culture has unique regional aspects.

Amazonas Brazil Travel Video shows the population exhibits a fundamentally western background despite the traditions and customs full of myths and beliefs resulting from the Indian shamans, from the Amazon medicinal plants.

The beauty of the flowers and plants are accented by the humming birds, sanhaçus, thrushes, bem-te-vi, and other species of birds that greet the visitors of this cozy green retreat in the south central part of the city. After extensive renovations were completed in November of 2000, it was renamed the Municipal Garden of Manaus. Today the Garden serves as both an education center as well as an entertainment and relaxation center.

Along its boulevards, more than one hundred species of plants can be seen. Ornamental species include helicons, orchids, bromeliads, manacás and flamboyants. Fruit-bearing varieties such as açaí, acerola, lemon, cupuaçu, cocoa, mangos, tapereba, carom, jenipapo, fruit-bread and papaya can also be seen. And finally, exotic plants such as the alpinias, St. George’s swords, the shaft-roxo, crotons, creepers and ferns

Amazonas Brazil Travel Video.