Athens (Greece) Travel – Public Transportation

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Birgit shows you the best transport options from Athens to Greek Islands.

Most visitors in Greece visit the islands from Athens. Piraeus Harbor in Athens is really the hub, where are all boats and ferries take off to the islands. I will show you how to get to Piraeus from within Athens. Although you can take a taxi from anywhere within the city, the local metro is a more popular option, and a better choice. It is efficient, cheaper, and faster. You identify a train station by this sign. We will take off from the Syntagma Station. Syntagma Square is located in Central Athens, right next to the Parliament Building. We started on the blue line at Syntagma, heading towards Egaleo, and switched to the green line a Monastiraki, heading toward Piraeus, our final destination.

Buying a ticket is easy. You can buy a single fare ticket like I’m gonna buy now, or a 90 minute ticket, which includes transfers on public bus transportation. You validate your ticket here. Trains run every couple of minutes, and they start at 6 in the morning. You’ll find maps in the metro station, and on the train. Make sure to hold onto your ticket for your entire journey. Give yourself an hour to get to the port. As you can see, the port is really big. There is a free bus inside of the port, that allows you to get to the further places faster. It is wise to buy your tickets a couple days in advance. But the boating schedules are subject to change. So confirm with the local newspaper the day of your departure. You can buy tickets from different boat companies along this road. I am Birgit, showing you Athens.