Australia: Travels in Tasmania

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Informative and entertaining travel documentary about Australia’s island state of Tasmania that covers many of the outstanding scenic, wildlife and cultural aspects of this special place. Your guide, Robert Stephens, takes you to Battery Point, Rektango, Salamanca Market and MONA (Museum of Old and New Art) in Hobart. He then heads to Bruny Island to go on Bruny Island Cruise, then to the 500 acre Inala Conservation Property of Dr, Tonia Cochran. She shows the rescued wildlife in her care that includes an Albino Bennetts Wallaby, a red neck Bennetts Wallaby and a Rufous Bellied Pademelon. Dr. Cochran also talks about her work with one of Australia’s rarest birds, the forty spotted Pardolote. The tour finishes on Bruny with a visit to see a wild Echidna at South Bruny Island National Park and Lighthouse, and a dusk vigil to see the the Little or Fairy Penguins at the Bruny Island Isthmus Rookery. The tour heads north to the Midlands towns of Ross and Oatlands, and then on Launceston and Tasmania Zoo to see Tasmanian Devils up close. As the video closes, Robert heads to the Freycinet Peninsula to see Wineglass Bay. Tags: David Walsh, Bruny Island Cruises, Rektango, Salamanca Arts Centre, Kettering, Bruny Island ferry, Penguin Cafe, Hotel Bruny, Forty spotted pardalote, Rufous Bellied Pademelon, 6 month old Tasmanian Devils, Devil Ark, Devil Heaven, Oatlands, Callington Mill, Town of Ross, Convict built Ross Bridge, Stonemason Daniel Herbert, Launceston or Lonny, Kurrajong House, Adelaide Room, Breakfast or Brekkie, Hillwood Berry Farm, Boags Brewery, Railton Topiaries, Port Arthur, Tesselated Pavement, Tasman Arch, Tasman Peninsula, South Bruny Island Lighthouse, Echidna, Freycinet Lodge, Honeymoon Beach, Kate’s Berry Farm, Video shot in February 2012, best Tasmania travel video, tasmania tourism, visit Tasmania, Stillwater restaurant, eccentric mailboxes, Video, writing, editing and voiceovers by Robert Stephens, Photography by Marie Stephens and Robert Stephens.

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