Australian Travel Business Presentation April 22 2015

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World Ventures Australia Business Presentation
0:25 Who wants to travel more
2:30 You should be here
4:30 World Ventures Dreamtrips
6:24 Best price guarantee
10:00 Best Holiday Deals
13:00 Greek Island Holidays
14:20 Cheap cruises
18:20 World Ventures membership
22:30 World Ventures Income Opportunity
World Ventures is one of the fastest growing direct sales companies on the planet.

World Ventures has “landed” (Pardon the pun) in Australia and growing at a very quick rate and here’s why….

When World Ventures Australia was launched in June 2014 Australia was ready. Ready for a company that had already stood the test of time and was delivering what Australia wanted.

A company that offered the opportunity for anyone to take more holidays at cheaper prices. Though travel companies are not new, what was new for Australians with world ventures was a VIP travel club that did not cost $20,000, $10,000 or even $5000 to get into.

Now World Ventures Australia offered a club that anyone could join for around $500AUD which included 200 “dreamtrip” points which members could use dollar for point on their next discounted holiday.

That is something Australia had never seen before with any travel club, time share or resort club.

Plus World Ventures also offered people to become business representatives for a one-time fee of $110USD which included a website, training and more. This gave the opportunity for people to earn money while they enjoyed the features of the travel club which is something that hadn’t been done before.

For me World Ventures Australia offered me the chance to combine two things that I love doing in one business. Travel and making money. I mean who else thinks this is a good idea?

What I liked about the World Ventures opportunity was that they had a product I didn’t have to sell to anyone. What I mean by that is that most direct sales companies you have to convince people to buy or use your product as it will help you lose weight, look better, save on energy bills etc. which can be a hard sell as there is so much competition and not everyone is a salesperson.

With World Ventures Australia our product is cheaper holidays. I mean do you have to convince anyone to take a holiday?? I say there answer is no. People are already taking holidays or want to take more of them all you do is show people a presentation that shows them how to take more of them cheaper!

Plus on top of that, the travel industry is already at time of writing worth 8 trillion dollars and growing and with the technology that World Ventures Australia is bringing to the table they are going to put a lot of travel agents out of business. This is especially good if you are a World ventures member.

Click the link below to watch more video on how you can take more holidays while potentially building a residual income.