Austrian Folk Music at the Spring Festival, Vienna, Austria [Travel with Manfred]

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The folklore dance group named “DrahdiWadln” was one of the highlights at the Viennese Spring Festival in the Lainzer Park, a large green outdoor area in the suburbs of Vienna. The day was blessed with fabulous weather, sunshine and 21 degrees C. Perfekt conditions for enjoying a day outdoors, a picnic, and listening as well as participating in Austrian folk dances. The dance groups name DrahdiWadln is Austrian slang and freely translates to “turn you lower legs” which is just another way of saying “let’s dance”. At the beginning they invited the audience to join them. They kicked their event off with a dance in which kids could participate, followed by another easy dance for anyone who had the desire to join them on the stage. Thereafter the showed off their skills. One of their dances was called “Fensterln” song. “Fensterln” refers to the traditional custom of young rural lads bringing a ladder in the evening to their lovers home high in the Alps, to climb up to the window of their persued gal. Window means Fenster, and fensterln is the act of climbing up to the window in order to get a kiss or more from the lover. Music was performed by the band “D’Unterdörfler” (translates to “the ones from the village at the bottom”). Both teams played and dances well together presenting Austrian folk music and austrian folk dances at their best. Good fun for young and old.

Die Volkstanzgruppe “DrahdiWadln” aus dem Nasswald begleitet von der Musikgruppe “D’Unterdörfler” stellten traditionelle österreichische Volkstänze am Wiener Frühlingsfest im Lainzer Tiergarten vor. Jung und alt war eingeladen das Tanzbein zu schwingen.