Avli Lounge Apartments-Yades Greek Historic Hotels

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Avli Lounge Appartmentts – Yades Greek Historic Hotels
” Cretan Re-mix ”

Nestled in the pedestrian cobbled streets of Rethymno, the Avli Lounge Apartments, once the home of a Venetian Lord, is a secluded establishment with a unique architectural mix of Cretan, Venetian and Turkish elements, ideal for guests who seek to relish the rich history and taste of the island within a luxurious hideaway.

Domes, Venetian arches, fountains with running water, cool cellars, antique furniture, paintings and works of art all set the scene for an escape with exceptional gastronomic delights in the gourmet restaurant offering “Creative Cuisine” based on Traditional Cretan recipes, and absolute relaxation in one of the 7 unique suites.

Avli is the perfect setting out point for a voyage to the magical atmosphere of Crete through Gourmet Cooking Lessons, Wine Testing at the “Fusion Enoteca”, Cretan products at the ʽRaw Materialsʼ, and entertainment at ʽRaki-Barakiʼ.