Backpacking Europe 2014 (6/7): Prague, Czech Republic

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Self-guided tour around Prague, checking out the highlights, the highest points, an opera, nightlife, and Karlstejn Castle.
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Prague is a beautiful city in it’s very own and unique way. From it’s cobble stoned streets, to its romantic gothic feel, to its history from the Holy Roman Empire to WW2 and socialism. Everywhere you stand is a place that tells a very long interesting story. Unfortunately, I found much of the city to be far more touristy for my taste, but with a little venture off a side street or district, there is still much off of the beaten path. Unlike my previous destinations, I spent much more time here with five days to kill and see the city mostly resting my head in an AirBnb apartment and one night in a hostel.

After a side trip to Kutna Hora and the bone church, I caught a very short train ride Prague’s Praha hlavní nádraží where I walked through wet streets of Prague Old town center in search of my apartment. Once I got settled I enjoyed a walk to the Charles Bridge both wet and without rain to finally take in the city vibe I long anticipated. Thankfully, at midnight mid-week, I didn’t see much of a crowd, so the peaceful-ness of the city was a perfect ice breaker for me and the city.

Early next morning, I walked along the Vltava River eastbound and up the Žižkov hill in Prague’s district 3 up to the Žižkov Tower. This walk itself was the off the beaten path trek I admired most during my time here. At the top of the tower delivers 360 views of the city and beyond. Sadly I couldn’t see too far due to some precipitation and low clouds. From there I venture back through the tourist center for a quick view from atop the Astronomical Clock tower, picked up a delicious Trdelnik and walked across the Charles Bridge to the other side of the river. From the Kampa park along the river, I hiked up to Petrin tower, a miniature Eiffel tower lookalike built in the late 1800’s that overlooks much of the city alike the Žižkov tower. Heading down I made my way over to the Prague Castle and beautiful St. Vitus Cathedral.

After I spent a half a day in Germany the next day, I returned with hopes of enjoying some decent nightlife around the city. The two that I found were too touristy once again for my taste. Friday was a bit more laid back for me walking over to the dancing house, grabbing a beer and some Czech food and a brewery in town and walking up the Letna Park for the infamous view of the Vltava river and Prague’s bridges. Next day I left the apartment for my last hostel and left Prague for a train to the village of Karlštejn, a small village with a beautiful castle at the top of a hill. To end my trip right, I got my fun nightlife experience at Club Roxy for some live Drum and Bass and good vibes, not to forget trying the infamous Absinthe drink. 😉

Footage captured with with an iPhone 4s and GoPro3
Compiled with Final Cut Pro

Music Playlist:
Verona Ztracená bloudím Dance Mix
Namaluj svitani (Radio edit) – Michal Hruza
Clubbed to Death (Piano only)

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