Backpacking Europe on a Budget! Trekkit TV

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Last fall I went backpacking through England, Holland, France, Italy, and Spain. I was commissioned to record my journey and talk about tips I learned to stay within-budget and not break the bank!

The specific cities I visited are: Germany, London, Amsterdam, Paris, Milan and Barcelona. (I also stayed with relatives near Frankfurt, Germany.)

We were able to fly almost everywhere, because unlike Canada, airfare in Europe is cheap due to the many competing airlines. We did also rely on bus and train. I was able to fit everything I needed in my school-sized backpack. It was perfect for weight and fitting on planes, but it was a bit hard on the shoulders because it wasn’t designed to be worn as often as I did. We stayed in youth hostels most of the time.

If you have any questions about travel, hostels, or anything related to exploring and backpacking, leave a comment below and I’ll respond!

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