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Ballyvolane is a funky historic Irish country house in the green heart of County Cork with superb gardens and grounds, (all in that particular shade of green that has earned Ireland the deserved title of ‘Emerald Isle’).

Pastures, lakes, fields of wild flowers, a walled kitchen garden, cows, pigeons, pigs, dogs, hens, swallows, donkeys… Ballyvolane is not just a hotel that once used to be a house… It is an active, working, farming estate that produces its own eggs, grows its own greens, and slaughters it’s own pigs.

The pigs are called Lady Gaga, Katy Perry and… the dark one is called Will I Am.

The interiors are an eclectic collection of landscape paintings, portraits, Irish mahogany furniture, blue and white Oriental china, bizarre objects, odd bibelots and ‘game’ taxidermy.

Everything is random and haphazard and as far from a designed interior it can possibly be… which makes it so great! Shabby Chic was invented here, long before it became a byword for furniture with loosely fitting slipcovers.

Ballyvolane is authentic and eccentric and stylish and quintessentially Irish.

Justin Green grew up here as a child and once his children were born, after a stint of managing hotels in Hong Kong, Bali, and Britain; he decided to return to the family property with his Scottish wife Jenny.

That’s what makes this property so special. It’s a home – a family home, an ancestral family home…

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