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Bars and Hotels Reopen for Business in Spain



Much of Spain eased into a partial reopening of the economy, Monday, May 11, with stores and restaurants open for business, with restrictions, everywhere except Madrid and Barcelona.
READ MORE: Plastic barriers and millions of masks appeared Monday on the streets of Europe’s newly reopened cities, as France and Belgium emerged from lockdowns, the Netherlands sent children back to school and Greece and Spain further eased restrictions. All faced a delicate balance of trying to restart battered economies without fueling a second wave of coronavirus infections.

Social distancing was the order of the day but just how to do that on public transit and in schools was the big question.

Roughly half of Spain’s 47 million people stepped into a softer version of the country’s strict confinement, beginning to socialize, shop in small stores and enjoy outdoor seating in restaurants and bars. Its biggest cities of Madrid and Barcelona remained under lockdown, however.

Date: June 25, 2020