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There’s a joke Brazilians like to tell: When the world was created, one of the archangels peered over God’s shoulder at the work in progress and couldn’t help noticing that one country had been especially favored. “You’ve given everything to Brazil,” the archangel said. “It has the longest beaches, the largest river, the biggest forest, the best soil. The weather’s always warm and sunny, with no floods, hurricanes, or natural disasters at all. Don’t you think that’s a little unfair?” “Ah,” God replied, “just wait until you see the people I’m putting there.”

Surprisingly this little joke is not far off from the truth. Brazil is a country blessed with an abundance of picturesque landscapes, from the mystical Amazon jungle to the sun soaked dunes of the south. Brazil has year round tropical warmth and a wide diversity of people and cultures. Brazil will be sure to please, offering adventures big and small for any type of budget. Whether you’re into soaking up some sun while drinking the national cocktail- Caipirinha, trekking through untamed jungles and wetlands or into the extreme sports of hang gliding and surfing; Brazil has it all.

Still a fairly untouched destination as far as tourism goes, Brazil has preserved its natural beauty for you to enjoy without the hassle of the usual crowds.

It’s time to get out and see what the rest of the world has been missing, make Brazil your next holiday destination choice!

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