Belgrade, Serbia: As We Travel Europe

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We’ve arrived here in Belgrade, took an overnight train from Montenegro. The train arrived three hours late. And was pretty shabby too. Pretty shabby train, but we are here at least. It’s really warm outside, so we are going to find our hostel and check in, and rest for a bit. Good Morning from Belgrade! We are going to start the day here exactly the same way the locals do; with a traditional dish called Borek. What exactly is it? It’s a special type of pastry. You can have three different types of filling. So, you can have meat, plain, or cheese, and this is a plain one. Apparently you dip it in yogurt, and you just eat it like that. Let’s taste it. It’s a bit greasy. And, after this we’re going to explore the Kalemegdan Fortress.

That’s really nice. Thats really funny, we just arrived at this fortress and I thought this was public property, that this was a place that everyone could come visit, but we’ve been here for five minutes now and there has already been two security guards who have, there’s one guy who is right behind Sophia right now. I have no idea what they want, they tried to communicate with us, and I think they’re worried that we’re some kind of journalists. I don’t know what it is but they seem really cautious about us here with the camera. It’s kind of funny, it’s kind of random. I don’t know. Look at these amazing views! We are in the middle of Belgrade, we are in the center, and we are just surrounded by nature. I didn’t expect that when I thought of Belgrade. So cool. This is where the Sava and Danube rivers meet, or like a serving girl I meet in Montenegro said, “where they kiss.” I think it’s beautiful. Kalemegdan fortress park was, for many centuries, was Belgrade. It wasn’t until quite recently that they city expanded outside the city walls. Today, it is a popular place for locals to come, hang out, play chess, and relax.

Okay, that was just, crazy. We thought before, like we said, there was a few security guards that were snooping around behind us as we were filming. But, we carried on around the fortress, and there was another guy around the corner, and another guy, and about five guys in the space of a half an hour that were following us. And finally one guy came and talked to us like you saw. He thought we had some sort of gun. I don’t know what was going on. Yeah, something about the rig that he didn’t want us to have. So he made us take down all the camera gear and then there was this old lady behind us, and all I heard was “Why you bomb us, why you bomb us english, why you bomb us?” And, what the hell? We were just…Well, then I said that I wasn’t English, I was Swedish and they just changed completely, that woman and her friend. Suddenly they were friendly again. Being friendly, laughing, talking about Sweden and, it was so strange. Crazy experience, but now we have left the fortress and we are going to go The bohemian quarter.

This is a really cute bohemian quarter. So many cafes everywhere. Let’s go and have a coffee. I think this is one of the artists that used to hang out in this bohemian area, and he seems to have a lot of girls in his lap. He’s all worn down here. It’s comfy, a good place to sit. So we found this cute little cafe along the bohemian street surrounded by flower pots and a waterfall over there, and we have ordered Serbian coffee, and the waiter brought us these Serbian treats. For free! Yea, looks really good. This whole bohemian street is so cute; the cobblestones, the buildings, these cafes. It’s really beautiful I think. After coffee we are going to go walk down the main street, and maybe do some shopping as well. We are on the main shopping street and you’ll find shops selling everything here. At the moment, you also find cows. They’ve been painted by artists together with orphans. They look really cool I think. We’re sitting here in Belgrade, it’s called Cafe Question Mark, we’ve ordered a few local dishes. And some spritzer. It’s a perfect way to end the evening here in Belgrade. We’ll see you in Macedonia