Best 64 Spa Hotels and Resorts – Spa March Madness 2018

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It’s March, and in the USA, that means “fan”-tastic events are taking place for March Madness! Each year, March Madness is one of the most popular fan participation events on the American sports calendar, but you’ll also see fun tournaments being played for everything from Best Brunch Spots to favorite television characters.

We think it’s also a fun way to vote for favorite Spa Resorts and Hotels in playoffs for the vaulted title as Spa Index Readers’ Choice Favorite USA Spa Hotel or Resort.

We start with 250 of the most popular and well-regarded spa hotels, resorts and destination retreats in the USA, and then poll our readers, partners, and Secret Spa Reviewers to choose the Top 64 Resorts to compete in the championship. From that group of 64, we follow the general schedule and eliminations with March Madness Tournaments until we crown the Favorite Spa Hotel or Resort for 2018.

Browse our 64 Top Resorts, here, and vote to advance your favorites to the next round!

Spa March Madness – 2018

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