BEST Place to Stay In Miami for CHEAP

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Beautiful Black Women In Bikinis & the best place to stay in Miami! I recently traveled to South Beach Miami, FL with all my best friends and found the BEST places to stay in miami along with things to do in miami that are CHEAP.


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If you know me you know I absolutely LOVE South Beach Miami and it is one of my FAVORITE places in the world to travel. It doesn’t have to be too costly! I’m including some information below on what to do, where to stay, + more! I hope this helps you when planning your next summer vacay no matter where it might be!:)


The W Estate:


This place holds up to ELEVEN (11) guests and is priced beyond affordably especially if you split it up amongst you and your friends. The accommodations are luxurious and the view is dope with a huge pool, outside bar, entertainment area, and much more. I definitely recommend that you stay there!

South Beach Kayak:
Only $20 for one hour of paddle boarding!

WHAT TO WEAR: for all the bikinis I wore on this trip

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