BEST TOP 10 beaches in Greece 2015 (Allemande Wahneta Meixsell)

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My Best Top 10 beaches in Greece 2015

9. Kathisma (LEFKADA)
8. Mpalos (KRETA)
7. Antisamos (KEFALONIA)
6. Elafonisi (CRETA)
5 Agios Prokopios (NAXOS)
4. Voutoumi (ANTIPAXOI)
3. Myrtos (KEFALONIA)
2. Egremni (LEFKADA)
1. Porto Katsiki (LEFKADA)
0. Navagio (ZANTE)

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Greece has been an attraction for international visitors since antiquity for its rich and long history, Mediterranean coastline and beaches.
Greece has more than 16,000 kilometers (9,320 miles) of coastline, 200,000 beaches, 6,000 islands (and islets).
Greece’s coastline is by far the longest coastline in the Mediterranean sea, and the tenth longest in the world. The deepest point in the Mediterranean Sea is called the “Calypso Deep”, it is located in the Ionian Sea south-west of Pylos in Greece, and is 5,267 meters deep (17,280 feet).
The quality of coastal bathing waters in Greece is systematically monitored since 1988 (according to Directive 76/160/EEC), and since then Greece has been receiving excellent reports on its bathing water sites, with more than 95% of them meeting the most stringent guide values (excellent quality).
Greece and Cyprus have the cleanest coastal bathing waters in Europe. Most beaches have shallow, calm, crystal clear waters that make them ideal for young children and families.
Greek summer is always hot, calm, sunny, cloudless and dry and the Greek sea is blue, clear and safe, not only health-wise but also due to the fact that encounters with dangerous/venomous sea creatures and organisms is extremely rare in Greece, as such species are not endemic to the Mediterranean region.


Artist : Wahneta Meixsell
Title : Allemande
Genre : Classical
Mood : Dark
Instruments : piano

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