Bled Slovenia: As We Travel Europe

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We’re going to be staying in a little town called Bled Slovenia. It’s so quiet here. We’re woken up nice and early here in Bled We’re going to go around the lake and So this island here has a really long religious worship history. You can hear this bell dinging in the background, and it’s very popular to come here and ring the bell and make a wish, and apparently it comes true. Yeah, as long as you don’t tell people what you wished. Shall we go and ring it? Yeah let’s go. We’re in the church, and here is the famous rope for the bell. You’re supposed to make a wish and pull the rope three times. And then eventually it will come true. Ok. I won’t tell you what my dream is though. It’s pouring down now. We had a great day here in Bled. When we got off the boat and got back to the apartment, it started raining. We’re going to carry on enjoying ourselves and try a traditional Slovenian cake called cream cake. It was actually invented here at Park Hotel in Bled. So we’re going to try the real cake, the real recipe and see what it’s like.

Ok so this is the famous cream cake. It’s really good, very creamy. It’s very light. And not at all as sweet as I thought. But it’s still really—This was the place it was invented as well, so this is the secret, the best recipe apparently. The best cake in the whole of Slovenia. We had a great day here in Bled. My legs are really sore from the walk up to the viewpoint. I’m really exhausted. But it was a great view and the church on the island was amazing as well. So this is a great way to finish our time here in Bled. We’re off to Zagreb tomorrow in Croatia.