Bonito, Mother Nature’s Playground – Travel Deeper Brazil (Episode 11)

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Bonito, Brazil – http// presents a weekend in the beautiful natural playground of Bonito, Brazil.

When I asked Brazilian friends on places I should visit while traveling in southwestern Brazil, the overwhelming response was always Bonito.

The small town of just over 17,000 people is tucked away in the Brazilian state of Mato Grosso do Sul and is one of the most popular Brazilian tourist destinations in the region.

Famous for its abundance of natural beauty, including wildlife, waterfalls and crystal-clear rivers, Bonito, is one of the best outdoor adventure spots I’ve ever visited.

On day one I rented a bike from town and road through the countryside to two different eco parks, Porto da Ilha and Balneário do sol. Freshwater pools connecting to small waterfalls and numerous activities makes these spots the perfect relaxing day trip.

That evening I ventured over to the Brazilian Rodeo at the Clubes de Laço (lasso club) just outside Bonito to experience a different aspect of Brazilian culture.

The next morning I drove over to Recanto Ecologico Rio da Prata (The Silver River Ecological Reserve) to snorkel the beautiful transparent water teaming with aquatic life.

From there we went to Buraco das Araras (Sinkhole of the Macaws) to witness hundreds of Macaws and other exotic birds fly around the giant redrock hole in the ground.

That night I experienced the quiet and lovely downtown Bonito and drank some locally brewed cachaca at the popular Taboa.

Needless to say, it was a great weekend in Bonito, Brazil and I can’t wait to come back again soon.

Hotel provided by Aguas de Bonito

Other top things to do in Bonito that I missed: Abismo Anhumas, Lagoa Misteriosa, Boca da Onca Waterfall, Aquario Natural, Rio do Peixe, Rio Sucuri, Gruta do Lago Azul and Parque das Cachoeiras to name a few.

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