Bratislava, Slovakia. As We Travel Europe: Country #22

Rates : 0 Bratislava, Slovakia: We’ve arrived in Bratislava. Let’s go and check in to the hostel. We’re in Bratislava, the capital city of Slovakia. Bratislava is known for its very vibrant café culture and its many statues. So we’re going to start the day by trying to find as many statues as we can. This is one of the more practical statues. It also works as a post box. This guy makes me feel so short. Here is a paparazzi statue. We’re walking around the old town and Sophia just walked pass the peeping Tom statue. He’s lying on the ground, looking up girls skirts. I think it’s kind of funny. There are so many quirky, fun statues in this part of town. This is a statue of Schone Naci. He was a local here. He used to walk around town handing out flowers, singing songs; wearing a top hat. He was a bit eccentric about it. You might recognize this guy here as Napoleon. Here’s another statue. I’m starting to feel like there are more statues than people here. It’s been really fun to walk around the old town and check out all the quirky statues. It’s like a fun game to walk around the town and see if you can find them all.

Now we’re going to head up to the Bratislava Castle. Apparently it’s a great view over the city. We walked up to the Bratislava castle and it’s the icon of Bratislava and you can get a great view over the city. Although it looks really new, it’s been here since 907. They just recently renovated it. This has to be one of the coolest churches I’ve ever seen. It’s bright blue. It looks like a fairy tale church. Apparently it’s blue inside as well. We’ve had a great day here in Bratislava. There are so many quirky details about the city. You know, from all those statues to the narrowest building in central Europe. And that blue church is so funny. They also have a really strong café culture, so we ordered two coffees. We’re going to sit here, relax and tomorrow, off to Vienna.

Bratislava, Slovakia. As We Travel Europe: Country #22 – Hosted by Sofia von Porat & Nathan Schacherer

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