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We found our hostel. Let’s check in. We’re in Budapest, the capital city of Hungary. In 1873, the two cities Buda and Pest, separated by the Danube River, were united to create the city of Budapest. We’re going to start the day by heading up the hill and exploring the Old Town of Buda. When you arrive in Budapest, you can’t help but to notice perched on top of the Old Town, this magnificent royal palace. And standing here, you can really see the different styles of architecture. This is based on the fact that over the centuries it’s been attacked and destroyed over and over again, with the last time being in the World War II. I think it’s really cool to see how they’ve rebuilt it. For me this, this here is the best view in Budapest. You can see the Chain Bridge, the Parliament, and the Danube River. For me it’s the iconic view of Budapest.

We’re walking around the Old Town, and we see some really cute streets and buildings, but your eyes are always drawn to the Matthias Church. It’s a beautiful church with a gothic steeple and the beautiful tiled roof. Up on this hill there really is so much architectural eye-candy. We’re having a quick break. We bought us some dessert here. We’ve been trying desserts and pastries all around Europe on Europe Train Challenge, and I’m kind of sick of them to be honest. But Sofia convinced me last night that Budapest has some of the best in Europe. Yeah they have a really old café culture, so I thought they must have some really good cakes. We’re walking over the Chain Bridge and crossing over the Danube River, you realize just how big this river is. It flows through ten countries and four capital cities. I’ve heard it’s one of the most international rivers in the world.

Right now, we’re walking through the Jewish Quarter, which takes up a big area inside the center of Budapest. In the Second World War, this area was turned into the Jewish ghetto, with over 600,000 Jews falling victim to the Holocaust. Walking around these streets you can still see the bullet holes in the rundown buildings. But it does seem like they are trying to change that by adding kosher restaurants and trying to rebuild that Jewish community. We had a great day here in Budapest, but you really need more than just two days to see everything. Yeah, we’ve got no more time though since tomorrow we’re catching a train to Slovakia.