City Attraction for Sale,Business Street Dinosaur Show

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Do you want to show “REAL DINOSAUR” on your city’s street or business street. The city surprised attraction must shock the public. Lifelike Roaring sound and movements make the public believe that Real Dinosaurs Come Back! The dinosaur alive show must attract amount people and media and make quick chain response in the public.
We specializing in making City Attraction. (Alive Animatronic Dinosaur) Our company name ONLYDINOSAURS SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY CO.,LTD and have 20 years’ experience to manufacture Dinosaur Animatronics. So, we have over 500 different of dinosaur types as clients’ choice. (500 different of City Attractions for sale)
The 5 meters length animatronic T-Rex in the video was sold to Baolong Business Street, Hebei, China. When kids saw REAL DINOSAUR, they were shocked. They were hard to believe that they could see real dinosaur in real life. Buyer wanted to hold one Business Street Dinosaur Show in May 2013. At that time, people would come out for enjoying national holiday, and Business Street Dinosaur Show must attract the public and created business opportunities.
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