Cuba Travel, Sancti Spíritus Cuba, 2010 Cuban Music Festival

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This high definition Sancti Spíritus travel video was shot in Cuba in 2010.

We arrived in Sancti Spíritus on a Saturday evening and were delighted to discover that a music festival was underway in the town square, Parque Serafin Sánchez.

The square was packed with people. Food vendors, beer sales, and local talent had brought the towns people out in force. Pretty girls were everywhere.

The evening kicked off with young singers performing on stage. As the night progressed it appeared to be a talent show with singers and musicians, ranging from the youngest to the oldest, taking turns on stage.

Other highlights include dancers in costumes performing traditional Cuban dances. It was a sight to behold.

The residents partied late into the evening, dancing, drinking and having a whole lot of fun. We later found out from one of the locals that this was not a specific festival but a weekly event held each Saturday night in Sancti Spíritus.

With spirit like that, I’ll be going back to Sancti Spíritus.