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Email Mailing & Marketing List of Hotels USA,UK,EU

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The list provides email contact addresses of hotels in the UK.  We are the number one supplier of hotel industry email mailing lists which can that can open doors to over 7000 potential new business contacts. 
What makes this database, directory and email mailing list the best in the industry is the fact that all their business contacts have been painstakingly researched to ensure all the Hotel email address contacts have kept up to date.
The Directory also provides snail mail street addresses as we not focusing all our energy and efforts in research to only obtain the most accurate and up to date e-mail mailing address data. For more details see
This mailing and marketing list of hotel is also easily accessible via the internet at a very low cost. It is made available upon payment and the files which are available in .csv format are sent to you within minutes via a download link.
No other email list comes anywhere close to providing such an accurate and up to date list of Hotel email addresses contacts.
Hotels are undergoing radical changes to provide the best amenities that cater to the evolving demands of the modern consumer. In addition to providing basic accommodation for travelers, hotels are increasing their amenities and services to attract more customers.
There are several comparison websites that offer a comparative outline of various hotel accommodations in a given area, in terms of costs, amenities, distance from the nearest railway station or airport, and distance from local attractions. It just takes a few clicks to find the most suitable travel accommodation.

So what services doe this establishments offer that are included in this Directory, Database and Marketing List of Hotels?
Well firstly, a hotel is a place where people stay to relax, most probably during their holiday or business trip. Indeed, many hotels tend to provide top notch services to their guests. If you travel often and you like the idea of having the opportunity to explore new hotels during your every trip, you can always make use of the Directory, Database and Marketing List of hotels. Why is such a email mailing list so important? When you have gotten a glance through the list, you might share the same opinion that using the list means you’ll enjoy a lot of benefits.
There’s always a home away from home. There is no denying that most hotels provide comfortable rooms to stay and every amenity is available to ensure total comfort throughout your entire stay. Some of the common amenities may include satellite television, attached bathroom, hair dryer, set of toiletries and air-conditioner, to name a few. Different hotels in the Database may provide different amenities, but overall they do offer about the same things. Read more at

Date: October 9, 2015