Eric Beck Epic Summer Europe Travel (for the Network A video contest)

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Hey my friends,

this is my epic summer video for the online video contest.
I started my epic summer trip in Barcelona to skate, from Barcelona I flew back to Berlin because I life there. Than I traveled to Paris to see my favorite band and meet some friends. A view weeks before I got to know a girl in Berlin. She moved to Italy over the summer and that is why my epic summer story moved on in Milan. This summer I also worked in a Surfcamp at the atlantic coast, in south france. They did weekly trips to different citys like San Sebastian and Biarritz, we skated the citys streets and it was awesome. Finally I flew over Paris, back to Berlin. On my trip I met a lot of new people and friends from all over the world. This video will help me to never forget all this exiting experiences and to share this awesomness with the rest of the world.

Enjoy 🙂