Europe Travel Vlog- Day One- Journey to Amsterdam (21st Febuary, 2013)

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So this was day one of my Netherlands, Belgium and Germany trip in February of 2013. The trip itself was all organised by my college, and it’s focus was on the story of Ann Frank. We visited her house in Amsterdam, along with the Van Gough Museum. And we took a trip over to Camp Westerbrook on the Netherlands/German border. Later in the week we visited The concentration cramp Bergen Belsen, where Ann Frank tragically died. The whole experience was very moving. On the last week we stooped at a small town in Belgium called Burrge, And indulged ourselves with many Belgium chocolates!

Because the nature of this trip was quite serious, and some of the locations we were visiting were very dark and symbolised awful events in history, I decided to film the lighter bits of our travels in respect to that.

I hope you guys enjoy!