Faces of the Namib – South Africa Travel Channel 24

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It’s been called the Living Desert, the Cold Desert and the Sheltering Desert. One thing is for sure -The Namib is the World’s Oldest Desert. Estimated to be approximately 80 million years old, the Namib is the ultimate destination for off-road adventures. Join us and discover the many faces of this incredible region while testing your dune driving skills amongst the world’s highest sand dunes. The geographical diversity of the region will enchant nature lovers and the tour will relax mind and body and invigorate spirits.

Faces of the Namib is a completely unique five-day/six-night self off-road tour through this incredible desert, specially designed to incorporate dune driving adrenaline thrills along with other unique Namib Desert highlights. These include the marvelous Kuiseb River Canyon, ancient petrified dunes, haunting diamond mining villages of yore, fascinating shipwrecks such as the Shawnee and Eduard Bohlen, interaction with the indigenous Topnaar (≠Aonin) people, and the southernmost examples of the endemic Welwitschia Mirabilis plant.