Family Travel Blog-Dangerous Highway Driving-Guy On Bike Hangs Onto Truck (Colombia)

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We’re not all born with the ability to make wise decisions. We don’t make wise decisions tons of time.We decide to do things that are risky and stupid, and later are grateful that we got out alive, and mostly unscratched. Here, we saw this guy in Central Colombia hanging onto a truck on the highway. And what will happen when his tire overheats and blows up? And what will happen when we gets home safely?

Reminds me of those stupid girls in Utah who climbed onto the top of this huge boulder fifteen feet in the sky, to pose for a photograph. Great photo, you dumb blonde.

A spiritual teacher of mine, the dearest Noga Gazit of Kibbutz Gesher in Israel, once let her retarded, autistic, wheel-chaired, nurse-attached 24 year old daughter go to Korea for a two week vacation with her care-taker. I was shocked that she would allow her daughter, who needs someone to feed her, wipe her mouth from the food and constant drool, wipe her behind, dress her, bathe her, everything her. Noga tells me laughing,

“Do you the difference between courageous parenting and irresponsibly foolish parenting?”
“The result!”

I love that, and I love her. So, if something awful would have happened to her daughter, or if something awful happens to us, or our children, on the road, then, clearly, we were irresponsible parents. Whenever one of our kids acted out or did anything ‘unacceptable’ in any way (ate too fast, got into a fight, argued, blinked too often); Kobi’s parents and my father would say, “This is clearly because you home-school. It is obvious.” So, if we have an accidents or major mishaps as we travel the world, clearly, it is because of this irresponsible life-style choice. What hedonistic, self-centered, reckless parents we are.

And, if we all walk through this adventure unscratched? And if we come out alive, even with all the really stupid, risky choices we’ve made along the way? Then, we are courageous (but still our kids are screwed for life, they’ll say).

So, can’t beat em, can’t join em. I think I’ll just hug them, love them for worrying- the way they know to love. I think, also, I’ll teach my kids how to hang on the back of trucks when on a bike in Colombia. You have to admit, the guy looked experienced and super-cool with his transportation perks.

Ever done something ridiculously stupid, and lived? (Obviously, if you’re telling me about it, obviously, you lived). Ever seen others doing reckless choices that made you want to slap them silly? We did here, and wanted to slap them stupid girls. Ever danced with your eyes closed when you really should have kept them open? Ever experienced that fine line between ‘irresponsible’ and ‘courageous’. We’d love to compare scars.

🙂 Gabi
One Stupid, Beautiful Idea!

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