Greece’s Workers Fleeing The Cities

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The Odyssey – Greece:How Greece’s urban poor migrated back to the farm…

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With one thousand workers losing their job every day, Greeks have had to find some way to survive. As this fascinating report shows, many have done that by returning from the desolate cities to the farms.

When the financial crisis hit, Thessaloniki banker Kostas Bozos went back to basics. He returned to his family village for an education in farming from his ageing father and then on to a local agricultural college to finesse those skills into winemaking and marketing. It’s a move that more and more Greeks are making in response to the crisis. “I think everybody should have done the same because we can’t expect anything from the government. They are useless so we have to do it by ourselves”, says Alexandra, a businesswoman. When she left the city to start a company growing gourmet snails everybody thought she was crazy, but now business is booming. But the transition from city to country isn’t always voluntary or successful, Christos Rozakis argues, his voice trembling with emotion. Having his business ruined by the crisis means that he and his wife do not have the money to have the child they desperately want. “I come from the people that invented democracy and I am wishing that I had a dictator now. Do you understand how bitter that makes me?”

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