Helsinki, Finland: As We Travel Europe – Country #30

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Helsinki, Finland: We’ve arrived in Helsinki, the capital city of Finland. Let’s go check in to the hostel. We’re going to explore Helsinki- the capital city of Finland. We’re going to start the morning by visiting the Ouspensky Cathedral built in 1869. The five domes on top are actually covered in 22 carat gold. It’s the largest Orthodox Church in Western Europe, which is kind of funny because only 1.1% of the Finnish populations are actually Orthodox. Let’s have a look inside. Helsinki Cathedral which has become sort of like the icon of Helsinki and I think it looks really cool from the outside…and white.

The Cathedral has 57 steps up to the church. It looks pretty impressive from the road but it’s so white that I thought, once we get inside it’s going to be very detailed and very nice. But we walked in through the door and every single wall was as white as outside; just white-washed. We’ve been to the churches in nearly every country in Europe. They’ve all been so detailed, so colorful, so amazing. So, I was pretty shocked to just see this church just white. But when you think about Finland it’s up by the Arctic Circle. It’s cold, it’s snowing, it’s icy; I can see where they got the inspiration from.

We’ve just arrived at, probably, one of the strangest churches in the world. It’s called The Church in the Rock and it’s literally a church that’s been dug out of solid rock. From above, it looks like a strange alien spaceship and apparently, inside, the acoustics are really amazing. I actually really like it here. I think it looks so cool. It’s definitely not like any other church I’ve ever been to: very different. There’s a guy there, playing piano and this church is famous for its amazing acoustics. It sounds wonderful.

We’re down in one of the local markets, by the harbor and we’re going to try to find some traditional Finnish food for lunch. It seems like they have a lot of fish and reindeer. Ok, we got some traditional Finnish savory snack, and some sweet snack; which he really recommended. His mother used to make them at home when he was a kid. So, it smells really nice. We’re just taking this ferry across from Helsinki to this island called Soumalina.

Soumalina, it’s a very popular place to come and relax. So, let’s have a look around. We found a nice place to sit down and have our snacks. We bought both sweet and savory. This one has the lingon berry in it. And this one has the rice in it. It seems interesting, really nice and really good.
So, we’ve had a great day today in Helsinki. It’s actually the thirtieth country in the Europe train challenge. We’ve gone to 30 countries in 75 days. It’s been absolutely crazy but so much fun though. We’ve learned so much. We’ve been able to see so much of Europe. You realize just how beautiful Europe is

As We Travel Europe – Hosted by Sofia von Porat & Nathan Schacherer