Hotels in Port Elizabeth, South Africa:No5 Boutique Art Hotel

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Hotels in Port Elizabeth, South Africa: No5 Boutique Art Hotel David’s Been Here is traveling through South Africa in search of the country’s top destinations and best hotels. In this short video, David brings us to the Port Elizabeth region of South Africa to the No.5 Boutique Art Hotel. Boasting 10 gorgeous rooms, an incredibly designed interior & exterior and heaps of amenities, this top Port Elizabeth hotel gives travelers the ultimate “home away from home” experience. Each “room” actually feels like a mini apartment with beautiful bathrooms, bedrooms, kitchens and dining areas, plus swimming pools, incredibly fast internet and, of course, breathtaking art & interior design. If you’re ready to settle into an unforgettable stay during your tour of South Africa, head to Port Elizabeth’s No.5 Boutique Art Hotel- you won’t regret it!!