How much to tip in Europe?

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Sonia Gil shows you how much to tip in Europe. See new travel adventures w/Sonia every Thursday:
Whether you’re in a restaurant in France, a cafe in Italy, or a hotel in Spain, this tipping guide will show you how to tip like a local.

If you want me to do a U.S. tipping guide- let me know in the comments below 🙂

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One note:
Mikel is a good friend and you should check him out. He has one of the most popular food blogs in Spain ( He is known as “El Comidista”, or “The Foodist” in Spanish.” His blog is not only incredibly delicious with THE best, simple recipes, but it is also incredibly insightful, witty and sometimes very political. Just this week he wrote about why your clothes smell like fried food after eating at certain places. In the past he has written about key basic ingredients you should have in your pantry to cook Chinese, or music you should listen to when cooking. His Spotify lists are a must (in a prior life he was a music country at El Pais).

Tipping breakdown by Country:

Restaurant: 1 or 2 Euros per Person(10% at a high end restaurant)
Bars: 0
Taxi: 0
Bell Boy: 1-2 Euros per bag.
Concierge: 5-10 Euros for special request

Restaurant: 15% tip included
Bars: Change
Taxi: Change
Bell Boy: 1 Euro per bag
Concierge: 5-10 Euros for special requests

Restaurants: 1-2 Euros/Person
Bars: Small change
Taxi: 0
Bell Boy: 1 Euro per bag
Concierge: 5-10 Euros for special request

Restaurants: 10-15%
Bars: 0
Taxi: Round up
Bell Boy: 1-2 lbs per bag
Concierge: Special request

Restaurants: 5-10%
Bar: 5%
Taxi: 5-10%
Bell Boy: 1 Euro per bag
Concierge: Special Request

Restaurants: Change
Bars: 0
Taxi: Round up
Bell Boy: 1 Euro per Bag
Concierge: special request

Restaurants: Included
Taxi: Round Up
Bell Boy: Not necessary- and if you do 20 SEK —
(Thanks to @123ravenet123 for the correction)
Concierge: special request

Not customary but rounding up is appreciated

Not expected but in general rounding up is appreciated

Not expected but rounding up is appreciated

Service charge included

Tipping is optional here and can sometimes be seen as offensive.

Restaurants: 10-15 %
Bars: 10-15%

Rounding up is acceptable.

Not expected but general rounding up is appreciated.

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