How To Travel 1 Year In Europe for ONLY $5,000

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“So wait… WHAT? How do you travel so cheaply???”

In this video I share with you my methodology and walk you through my steps of HOW I travel so cheaply. I explain how I get around, how I stay places for free, and ABOVE ALL… how I have a kick ass time doing do!

1. Transportation
a. Cheap airline – I strictly use to get around Europe
b. BE FLEXIBLE with you departure date – book the cheapest date
c. WALK – use your own two feet as much as you can – exercise – yeaaaa!
d. Public transportation – Buses & trains -buy a pass if you will use often
e. Take advantage of transition time – Educate yourself -podcasts, books
f. Meet locals – make friends and share transportation costs
g. Only travel with a carry on to avoid baggage fees
h. Travel with an empty water bottle -fill up in the airport – bring a snack too!
i. Be open with your destination – look for cheap flights FIRST! The decide location.

2. Pacing
a. Travel slower
b. Choose a travel method that “makes sense” to you
c. Keep an open mind to a variety of experiences
d. Once again…. CONNECT with locals!

3. Location
a. Choose countries that are cheaper for budget travelers – Italy, Spain, Portugal
b. Consider the cost of living in each country

4. Accommodation
a. – work exchange. Work a few hours in exchange for free room and food
b. Couchsurfing – great way to meet people!
c. ASK – put it out there… someone you know may be able to connect you with someone in a place you are traveling
d. VOLUNTEER – share your skills, knowledge, and experiences with the world

5. FOOOOOOOOD – nom nom nom
a. Most workaway host’s provide food – EAT IT – duh!.
b. If you go out exploring – take fruit or pack a snack
c. ALWAYS carry your water bottle
d. Ask around for opinions for some great cheap options
e. Make local friends – SO MANY people will open their kitchens to you

6. Activities
a. Wander around! Observe, chat with people…
b. Take advantage of FREE days – you can find info on the internet or the tourist office
c. Use your student or teacher I.D. if possible – receive discounts
It’s all about balance…when you travel long-term there will be days when you just RELAX. Take the time to recharge, learn, create – or do whatever makes ya happy!
Travel does not have to be expensive. If you are willing to keep an open mind, be more relaxed, and be open to a variety of experiences …. then you can travel the world and have an amazing time on a small budget!

Ciao for now