i stayed at the BEST RATED HOTEL in my city… (i spent $1000)

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i stayed at the BEST RATED HOTEL ROOM in my city… (i spent $1000..) HEY GUYS, so, I’m sure y’all have seen a bunch of the “I stayed at the WORST rated HOTEL in my city!!” videos, but today, I wanted to see if the best rated hotel was really worth it. We did a mini room tour, tested for… body fluid with a black light and a hotel room service mukbang. Anywaaays, super random video, I hope you guys enjoy it!! xoxox

MY LAST VIDEO – paying strangers to photoshop me “hotter” http://bit.ly/2TuakzT


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Todays video is staying at the BEST RATED HOTEL ROOM in my city… (i spent $1000) but over the next few videos you can expect to see a back to school morning routine, night routine, back to school supplies haul + giveaway life hacks for school, a whats in my backpack video, school essentials, boyfriend buys girlfriend back to school outfits, huge clothing haul, everyday makeup routine for school, easy hairstyles for school video, DIY school supplies, boyfriend does my voiceover AND MOREEE!


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