Ibiza Nightlife: A look at the nightlife on the Island of Ibiza

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Ibiza Nightlife: A look at the nightlife on the Island of Ibiza, is a short video showcasing the look and sound inside the famous nightclubs on Ibiza

Ibiza, a tiny Island of the Eastern Coast of Spain, is well known for its summer club scene which attracts very large numbers of tourists. From June to October, you will find the world best DJ’s performing at clubs such as Amnesia, Space, Pacha, Eden, Es Paradís, Underground, Sankeys and DC10.

A trip to Ibiza is an experience you will never forget.

Ibiza Nightlife: Ibiza Nightclubs Best Nightlife in Europe

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Official Ibiza tourist information website – Welcome to Ibiza.travel

Ibiza Nightlife: Welcome to Ibiza

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Matinée @ Amnesia Ibiza 2012 – Official Video

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