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Jacques Majorelle was a turn of the century French artist who became fascinated by countries of Islamic culture. In 1924, he moved to Marrakech to paint, create and travel. Passionate about natural shapes he became obsessed with his garden situated just outside the city’s famous ochre walls. Ultimately, it was to become his most famous creation.

Jardin Majorelle features an extraordinary collection of exotic plants from all over the globe. They are displayed using colours that strongly evoke Africa. The distinct shade of indigo blue that he painted his pots, doors and walls is now known as Majorelle Blue.

The most exotic place to stay in Marrakech is Jnane Tamsna. Style, authenticity and botanical majesty combine to form a heady, unforgettable experience only twenty minutes removed from the old walls that surround the Marrakech Medina. Watch the hotel trailer here: http://bit.ly/1gAMSdK

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