Kapsaliana Village – Yades Greek Historic Hotels

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Kapsaliana Village
“Character and Charm to revitalize the Senses”
Nestled in peaceful surroundings of the historical area of Arcadi with superb views of the countryside and the Cretan sea, Kapsaliana is one of the most beautiful villages restored to a stunning hotel today with respect to the architecture of the locale and the surroundings. Once the Monastery Olive Press village, this place of history lies in the terrain, in the aromas and the knowledge of med who kept the village alive generation upon generation.

Kapsaliana Village opens its doors today to guests who look for a meticulously well-appointed place with commitment to high standards and caring service, to enjoy in tranquil the peaceful surroundings. The entire settlement has been renovated in full harmony with nature and history creating a pleasant blend between the past and present. Twelve original houses, clustered around the old Olive Press, have been restored and converted into lavish, elegant guest houses. Four new houses have been added in the same architectural form.

The once Monastery Olive Press, the attached house of the caretaker monk, and the storage area with its clay storage vessels are protected medieval monuments which focus on the olive culture in Crete and can be visited, much like a museum. The area is decorated with fascinating artefacts from the days the Olive Press was in use.