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Shepherd Entertainment takes you on a tour of Kos in Greece, which is called the island of peace, soul and tranquility, but
it’s still most widely known as the birthplace of Hypocrites. Everything here reminds us of the father of medicine. An extremely old sycamore tree stands behind the Johanniter Fortress where the students of Hypocrites used to sit in the shade and study the mysteries of medicine.

Visit the Island of Kos in Greece

The North east neighbor of Rhodes, Kos is a 40 kilometer long island with 20,000 inhabitants. It is often called the island of peace, soul, and tranquility. However, it is more widely known as the birth place of Hippocrates.

Here, everything reminds us of the father of medicine.

Kos is the only Greek island which is not ruled by mountains since its highest point is only 840 meters. The island is only 8 kilometers away from the Turkish coast. It is near the town of Bodrum which was called Hali Carnasus in the ancient time. The mausoleum there was like the Colossus of Rhodes, one of the Seven Wonders of the World.

The islands capital has the same name too and to enhance the resemblance further hereto the harbor is also called Mandraki. It seems that the history book of coast was carbon copy from that of Rhodes. Its masters were first to the Adorian’s, then the Achaeans. Later, it was conquered by Byzantine and Venize.

In the 14th century, the Johanites did some fortifying works. In 1522, it was conquered by the Otoman’s. Between 1912 and 1943 together with the other islands or Rhodes, it came under Italian Authority. When Mussolini attended to make the palace of the grand master in Rhodes his summer residence, he had every statue columns mosaic and relief transported there from Kos.

Aside of which Rhodes cannot be too proud, can be found behind the fortress of the Johanites. Here, stands the extremely old sycamore tree under which Hippocrates too him said and we are thought the mysteries of medicine. It is a nice story however only partly true since the sycamore tree is 500 or 600 years old, so only a late descended of the original one.

A well made by using an antique sarcophagus trickles in the trunk of a tree.

Two significant Otoman buildings sneak an exotic flavor into the cityscape. These are the two storey building of the Letcher and Adefte Armas.

The ancient market place, the large excavation area that reveals the relics of Angora is only a few steps away from the main square. The eight Corinthian columns of a particle from the 4th century BC can also be seen. The relics of the altar of Aphrodite as well as well as the three naïve Paleochristian Basilica have been excavated.

Gray granite can be found here as well as another parts of the excavatio area of the town. The derivation of which was determined by professionals and Sicily. It has remained a mystery why and how these domes were transported here. The ruins were revealed only during the reconstruction works following an earthquake in 1933.

Massive arches covered the town spa where the inhabitants could swim in four pools filled with water from hot springs. The floors of churches and houses were covered with mosaics. Some of which were removed by Italians but the other part can be admired and the archaeological museum of the island.

The present day market place of the town can be found not far from the ancient Angora. In the shade of the massive building of the temple, a pleasant restaurant with the terrace offers refreshment.

On the square, there’s a squatty mosque. And opposite the mosque stands the building of the yacht club with its church clock.

In the Venetian style arcuated building at the market, we can buy local specialties, spices, olive oil, honey, vegetable and fruit, but clams and sponges are also available.

In the early afternoon, the streets become almost empty. Tourist paddles in the swimming pools of their hotels or lying in the shade of a beach umbrella seaside. The Mediterranean sand shoots its beams ferociously from the cloudless sky. The locals relax behind the blinds of their flat.

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