Kos Harbour in Kos Town, Greece – Kos Island (Κως) – Attractions in Kos – Kos City

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Kos Island (Κως), Its 21:00 in the evening its warm and the sun has not set yet, all around there is a hustle and bustle of people on bicycles, scooters in cars or just walking. Some people are heading out for dinner, others maybe heading back from the beach or a day excursion. Whatever the reason the atmosphere says it all, its a beautiful July summer evening in Southern Europe, people are on summer holiday and enjoying themselves. We find ourselves on the Greek Island of Kos, in Kos Town, well actually in the Kos Town Harbour. My wife and I have rented bicycles and are out for an evening bicycle ride around Kos Town and its harbour. The Kos Harbour is the center part of the city in the evening and with its fantastic bicycle roads (as in most of Kos Town) it is a fantastic place for an evening ride. We are sitting on a bench in the harbour just watching the world go by. Watch out for the big Blue Star Lines ferry leaving Kos Harbour. Also take note of the lovely bicycle tracks the city offers residents and tourists. Its definitely worthwhile renting a bicycle when visiting Kos Town. Hope this video gives you a little feeling of the lovely summer evening atmosphere we experienced while sitting in the Kos Town Harbour one July.

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