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La Gazelle d’Or, or literally: the golden deer, is the perfect Oasis: a very sophisticated blend of exceptional natural beauty, courtesy of its sublime gardens and perfect privacy of its luxuriously comfortable guest bungalows.

Situated on the outskirts of Taroudant, a small ochre coloured town in the foothills of the Atlas, La Gazelle d’Or is only a half an hour inland from the beaches of Agadir. This is the kind of place that is conducive to doing nothing… But that doesn’t mean there’s nothing to do. Reading and swimming – in the superb pool – are top of the list, as is riding on the Arab steeds from the property’s own stables.

A few months a year it is also a popular destination for ‘shooting’.
Experienced hunters come with their Scottish loaders and their Spanish beaters to shoot Quail and Partridge. They depart from Gazelle with their guns and their entourage at 4am, and usually return later in the morning with a trophy of hundreds of birds that are then donated to the local butchers.

But the best part of this retreat requires no equipment, expense or entourage. Gazelle’s garden is impressive and exceptional. Only time, care and constant attention can create a garden like this. From the Bamboo alley – a virtual tunnel of exotic green – that leads to the front gates, to the pathways and paved walkways planted on either side with reeds, ferns, assorted flora and flowers this is a garden even non gardeners can relate to.

The feeling is remote and exotic and the attention to detail creates a uniquely sophisticated brand of luxury. For me, the best part is breakfast. You simply grab the phone, dial 100, and less than fifteen minutes later an exceptional breakfast arrives on a big tray, which is duly arranged on an outside table under a pergola, groaning in weight with white roses.

At night, the experience shifts to a restaurant that invokes the glamour and decorative detail that has played a consistent ripe in this unique country’s culture. The food consists of pared down versions of classics of Moroccan cuisine.

Gardens play a big role in the history of Morocco and La Gazelle d’Or presents an opportunity to experience one in the style that would have suited a Caid, Sultan or Pasha in the past.

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